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Network Admin & Security

The duties and responsibilities of computer security professionals and network administrators are quite varied. It is often the duty of network managers to install, support and maintain computer systems and servers. They would also be required to prepare in advance for system outages and various other technical issues that could emerge It is also possible for professionals in the information technology field to become involved in project management related to systems, scripting or programming, overseeing computer operators as well as efficiently managing and resolving issues that develop with computers that are beyond the management of support staff. Network administrators are therefore in high demand because of their assorted work duties.

The online Network Admin and Security degree program enables students to hone their skills, increase their knowledge as well as promote organization and responsibility. The course for the online Network Admin and Security degree program typically includes the following topics:

  • Visual basic
  • Management styles
  • Cisco routers
  • Information security
  • Network security administration
  • Digital communications
  • Solving electronic problems
  • Computer forensics and investigations
  • Database systems
  • Administering SQL database
  • DNS implementation
  • Ethics of engineering practice
  • TCP/IP Suite
  • Linux operating system
  • Wireless LAN administration
  • Open source platforms
  • Data storage management
  • Concepts of client/server networking

For entry into the IT field, a Bachelor’s degree is the minimum required qualification. Higher positions in executive IT management and network management require higher credentials in Network Admin and Security.

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