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Information Technology

Mobile devices, computers and the Internet are now a daily part of almost every householder and business around the world. The field of information technology is developing at a great speed, and with this development comes the need for competent and qualified professional in the field of IT. Information technology is a highly lucrative field and those individuals with right credentials to succeed in this field can be employed in areas such as network administration, software development, documentation and procedure management, database administration as well as computer or information assurance.

Online Information Technology degree programs are available at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s as well as Graduate levels. The associate’s degree provides students with basic skills and knowledge required to gain entry into the field of Information Technology. A bachelor’s degree offers a more in depth look at the working and function of information technology and higher qualifications lead to higher salaried positions of employment. The course for the online Information Technology degree program includes topics such as:

  • Database Security
  • Unix/Linux
  • Adobe Flash
  • Technical Writing
  • Network administration
  • Database design
  • Oracle database administration
  • MS visual C++
  • Java programming
  • MS visual basic
  • Designing forums
  • Query design
  • Statistical analysis software
  • Systems development life cycle
  • Programming and algorithm design
  • Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
  • Extensible markup language

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