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Social Work

Social work is a great way to assist people who are unable to help themselves.  Individuals who pride themselves in helping others in different ways that will make a drastic difference in their lives would be well suited for this fulfilling employment path.

An online degree in Social Work provides students with endless career opportunities that revolve around assisting others with various issues that affect their health and welfare. Many of the problems that people face are related to issues like domestic violence, unemployment, foster care and terminal illnesses.

A job in the field of social work provides for an adjustable work schedule and plenty of opportunities to advance ones career.

The online Social Work degree programs offer students the option to specialize in other areas like mental health, family, child and school social work, substance abuse and even medical and public health. The Social Work degrees are available at the Bachelor’s as well as Master’s levels. The course for the online Social Work degree programs could include the following topics:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Social Problems
  • Growth and development
  • Marriage and Family
  • Social Services System
  • State government

The curriculum is aimed at teaching students about the various states of human emotions and relations, interpersonal problems as well as the effects of variation in government on different organizations.

Browse through the various online Social Work degree programs listed below and request for additional from one of our certified colleges or universities today. The applicable college or university will provide guidance with regards to courses to be taken that will enhance your career opportunities.

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