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Social Services

Social service or public administration work can be extremely gratifying and fulfilling. For those with the desire to work in these fields, the online Social Services degree program is a great way to gain knowledge about social work. Associate’s degrees in Social Services are great for those seeking beginner positions in different organizations such as social services assistant.

However, in order to acquire the position of a qualified Social Worker, a bachelor’s degree along with state certification is mandatory. With higher qualifications like a Master’s degree in Social Services it would be possible for students to gain employment as Social Service Management or even Clinical Social Worker.

The course for the online Social Services degree program would include topics such as

  • Policy development and planning
  • Public administration and Society
  • Social work practices within individuals, groups as well as families
  • Social services management
  • Public finance management
  • Human behavior and society

The additional focus on Social work along with Public administration prepares students for the roles of leadership in human services and administrator in social agencies. The course work is aimed at teaching students to make critical appraisals of people and groups dealing with social, medical as well as financial requirements.

With an online Social Services degree, students can be employed in long term care facilities, mental health facilities, child welfare, substance abuse programs, hospitals or even find opportunities to work with helpless elderly people and children.

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