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There is not only a great demand of defense attorneys like Perry Mason but also for those well conversant with laws pertaining to tax, labour and the corporate world. The boom in population has meant more business units are sprouting accompanied by legal needs matched with increased job opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecasted that there will be a fast hike in openings for lawyer through 2014.

Ironically, the job competitors for you are not just hopeful attorneys but paralegals that are being engaged by firms to cut down costs; accounting firms too are engaging them. In this scenario how far can you go? You can cover miles by making good use of your tenacity, your skills in creativity and your ability to reason through a credited Legal Studies degree program that is offered online.

Our renowned ABA certified Juris Doctorate programs in degree makes you eligible for sitting for any bar examination of the state. The Bachelors as well as Masters programs that are offered prepares you for positions in the managerial as well as legal posts in various organizations – government, business and non-profit bodies; also you will be suitable for court reporting.

The course will acquaint you with multiple streams relating to contracts, constitutional law, property law, civil procedure, torts, legal writing, communications and research. Our lectures are unique and the formats dealing with case studies and teaching methods will make you intimate with the judicial infrastructure and the role legal professionals play in both criminal as well as criminal proceedings.

There are so many specialized courses that you will find it difficult to pick and choose – intellectual property, health care, energy, venture capital, elderly, environmental laws, anti-trust etc. This is the reason why the majority of the programs concentrate on education in the liberal arts that are broad. Those wanting to be patent lawyers require studying of science or engineering; those seeking to be tax lawyers require detailed knowledge in accounting. Some courses with caps are necessary for internship, for writing thesis or facing an exam.

The programs have been chalked out bearing in mind the busy schedules aspirants generally are burdened with. It will take approximately three years to complete it while being guided by instructors who present a balance between theory and its application in the real world.

For further information browse through the enlisted programs and ask for details online. Your related university or college will be able to guide you regarding choice of particular program most suitable taking into consideration your education base and targets.

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