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Human Services

Online Human Services Degree

Our certified universities and colleges offer multiple degrees online dealing with human services – management of the same, psychology and counseling. These courses are ideal for those who are professionals, already engaged in work and require flexibility of schedules and yet seek degrees faster than those, who are enrolled in campus programs.

The degree programs (Masters/Doctoral) focusing on counseling prepare applicants to get engaged in various posts – therapists in marriage and family affairs, social workers, counselors in mental health, counselors in education and vocations.

The degrees in psychology concentrate on various niches such as clinical as well as counseling psychology, education, organization and psychology in the field of sports. Students seeking application of this psychology in business can also get a Bachelors degree in Business Administration or MBA with specialization being Organizational Psychology.

To get employed in counseling and also in psychology at the minimum a Master’s degree with doctoral degree in Psychology (PhD/PsyD) is required. In organizations dealing with healthcare, education and social services there is a demand for counselors as well as psychologists. Many engaged in both these profession are either full or part time private practitioners.

For those who are interested in management of human services there online degree programs (Bachelors/Masters/Doctoral) in Management of non-profit agencies, Public Administration, Human Resources Management, and Organizational Management.

The bouquet of opportunities that we offer is a sure path to success and employment. Get the necessary information online today and now by browsing through the links below!

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