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Wellness, Exercise and Nutrition

With everyone jumping on the healthy living wagon, there is a growing demand for qualified professionals with degrees in Wellness, Exercise and Nutrition. The online degree in Wellness, Exercise and Nutrition from one of our accredited universities or colleges will provide you the opportunity to become a part of this highly lucrative and customized career.

With this degree in hand you will have the opportunity of gaining employment as a Dietician or Nutritionist, Health educator, Wellness and health coordinator, massage therapist, certified personal trainer or even an art and dance therapist.

The online program Wellness, Exercise and Nutrition offers degrees in certificate programs, Associate, Bachelor and Master’s levels and provides all students with the ability to arrange their course schedule to suit their timings. The online degree course in Wellness, Exercise and Nutrition includes the following:
  • Work Site wellness
  • Kinesiology and exercise
  • Music and movement Therapy
  • Herbology
  • Medical nutrition
  • Food and nutrition science
  • Health promotion
  • Physiology
  • Food and immune system
  • Anatomy
  • Biology

The online degree in Wellness, Exercise and Nutrition will enable you to seek job opportunities in different settings like hospitals, nursing homes, wellness centers, private practices, large companies and treatment facilities. With this training program you could gain the necessary skills to create awareness on health education as well as promote wellness. You will also learn details of different health problems, ways to avoid health issues from occurring, developing ways to reduce the cost of health care and be able to develop fitness programs to train various individuals.

The Wellness, Exercise and Nutrition online degree programs mentioned below could be referred to detailed information. Guidance will be provided by the relevant college or university with regards to course details.

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