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Health Services

It is not always necessary to be a surgical specialist or even an expert medical professional to have an impact on the extremely rewarding medical profession that deals with healing patients. The decision to earn an online degree in Health Services is an intelligent choice for those seeking steady employment with a constant flow of income.

There are great employment opportunities for anyone who has successfully earned a degree in Health Service, be it a Bachelor’s, Masters or even a Doctoral degree. The opportunity to grow and develop in support services will provide you with chance to assist people in their attempt to improve their health.

In order to become a part of direct care, a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Health Service would be able to provide you with the necessary training that will enable you to help professionals in the medical field as well as ailing patients.

This degree will enable you to join the medical profession as a Home Health Aide, Personal Care Attendant, Nursing Aide, EMT, Medical Assistant or even an Ambulatory Care Worker. However, with a Doctoral or Masters degree, it would be possible for you to attain the position of a College Instructor, Health Educator or even the Director of Health Care Administration.

The course for the Health Service Degree includes:

  • Sociology
  • Health Administration
  • Health Insurance and Managed Care
  • Health Finance and Accounting
  • Public Health Issues and Policy
  • Ethics and Patients Rights
  • Biology
  • Health Delivery Systems
  • Anatomy

The increased number of health issues along with an aging population has increased the need for competent Health Service providers. The Health Service degree will provide you with the tools you require for creating health care programs and also to assess the competency of health delivery systems and educate the public.

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