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An engineer needs to make an effective use of scientific and mathematical principles to find out the most viable solutions for technical problems. The role of an engineer is quite diverse. Other than design and development, engineers today are also extending their services in the fields of testing, production, and maintenance. Once you gain experience, you can also advance your career into various consultative positions offering you better money such as sales, engineering management, and so on.

As per the findings of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth prospects for engineers are quite high and they will have numerous job opportunities even in coming decade. To enter into this promising field, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering.  Another aspect that makes engineering a lucrative option is remuneration. The starting salary of an engineer is much higher as compared to a graduate from any other stream. If you want to advance your career further, you must opt for continuing education so that employers can value your experience.

Choose from our diverse range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA degree programs. The courses are ideal for working professionals, who can’t spend hours away from their work in order to complete their education. Moreover, they can earn their degrees while not making major adjustments in their work schedules. The use of rich multimedia and interactive features add more value to these courses and they cover all important engineering topics.

If you want to start or shape up your career in engineering, just browse through our list of programs. You can request for more information from any of our accredited college and university.

By getting a degree in engineering, you can opt for one of these career options:

  •     Aerospace engineer
  •     Agricultural engineer
  •     Chemical engineer
  •     Geotechnical engineer
  •     Industrial engineer
  •     Manufacturing engineer
  •     Civil engineer
  •     Computer engineer
  •     Control Systems
  •     Electrical & electronic engineer
  •     Environmental engineer
  •     Nuclear engineer
  •     Petroleum engineer
  •     Sanitation engineer
  •     Fire protection engineer
  •     Biomedical engineer
  •     Mechanical engineer
  •     Mining engineer
  •     Traffic engineer

 ... plus many more!!

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