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Culinary Arts

If you love cooking and enjoy experimenting with food, earning a degree in culinary arts can help you get started! With more than 13 million people already employed in hotel industry, it makes the second largest industry in terms of size after government jobs. As per an estimate given by National Restaurant Association, more than 2 million new jobs will be created in next ten years in this industry.

The culinary industry has been witnessing a rapid change and there is a lot of competition too. But, this is one of the most evolving and volatile industries that can offer you scores of ways to make a successful career in culinary arts than ever before.

So, those looking for a lucrative career opportunity as a stylish chef, or a restaurant manager, or as a pastry and baking chef, it’s time to get in touch with a well-established and respected school here and opt for a suitable degree program.

There are multiple benefits of earning a degree in culinary arts. A degree will provide you with the formal education that you need in order to succeed in addition to the hands-on experience and a thorough understanding of cooking. You will also get a formal training in one or more areas as per the focus of your study.

  • Culinary arts – combines traditional methods of cooking with the most recent kitchen technologies
  • Baking and patisserie – gives you an insight and expertise in the art of baking, confections, and more
  • Restaurant management & hospitality – integrates various business operations of the industry including management, finances, and marketing

Browse through various career paths given here to choose the most rewarding stream of career for you. You can evaluate the strength of various business schools and programs and also locate the one near your house or workplace. What’s more! You can even request for providing free information about the school of your choice. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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