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Security & Protective Services

Due to the high rate of criminal activities as well the looming danger of terrorism in the nation, there is a high demand for the provision of safety and those trained and qualified to hold positions in security and protective services throughout the country. By earning your degree in Security and Protective Services, you would gain the qualification to become part of an industry that strives hard to protect those in need. Earn the respect and admiration that goes along with being part of this noble and satisfying field by earning your Security and Protective Services degree today.

With the online Security and Protective Services degree in hand, you could join a section of this industry that holds your interest. You have the scope of connecting to areas such as homeland security, criminal justice, risk management as well as administrative positions within this particular field. The online Security and Protective Services programs offer degrees at Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s levels and are available from certified colleges and universities. This program is also a beneficial experience for those who are presently employed in the security and protective services industry and would like to gain higher qualifications.

The online Security and Protective Services degree course is inclusive of the following:

  • Loss prevention
  • Security threat and Risk assessment
  • Physical security applications
  • Ethics of security and law
  • Evaluation of security systems

Students who enroll in these programs have the opportunity to learn how to identify various types of threats and how to deal with them effectively. These programs also afford students with the luxury of adjusting course schedules as per their timings. Browse through the courses mentioned below and request for additional information today.

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