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Online Degree Programs on Criminal Justice – Corrections

In American jurisprudence an important component is dealing with Corrections.

As per the Justice Department of USA the numbers in prisons have shot up at an alarming rate from 1995 to 2005 calculating to 3.4%. The estimate of Labor Department of USA indicates that there are great opportunities for those seeking posts as supervisors and correctional officers in this field; through 2012 it will increase by about 20%.  

For anyone sporting a Criminal Justice with the focus on Corrections is a great advantage for furthering a career. It is a challenging and promising for those seeking entrance into a professional stream.

There is a great demand for those having degrees (Associates/Bachelors/Masters) to fill posts dealing with Corrections at all levels – federal, state, county and municipality; the detention centres for juveniles in the communities handling programs dealing with  work-release and halfway houses etc are also seeking to employ personnel having related degrees.

In general, the course dealing with Corrections deals with the practice and the theories of Corrections as applicable in correctional facility; it includes criminal psychology, rehabilitation, and management of inmates, staff and visitors. Security matters relating to inmates are also included in the curriculum. The course focus includes the approaches taken by communities towards probation as well as parole in Corrections infrastructure.

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