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Computer Security

Degree Programs on Online Security of Computer:

The Internet age has opened another field of play throwing a challenge to online security of computer; correspondingly has developed justice for enforcing law. This has generated unforeseen demand for law enforcing agencies both in the public and private sector.

This discipline deals with the prevention as well as the detection of online crime like theft of identity, embezzlement, illegal hacking of the net, playing around with virus and multiple attacks pertaining to “malware” like cyber stalking and child pornography.

The programs that we offer relating to computer security and crime includes giving training in the fields and providing tools for the recovery and preservation of digital evidence like e-mail and other types of graphic and text files. The participants get acquainted with legal necessities and best practices in the forensic department required for investigations, collections, analysis and the presentation of evidence for going ahead with prosecutions of crimes in the computer world.

In general, the course covers topics pertaining to preparation of sterile forensic examination of media, steps to be taken for gathering and storing original media so that the data is least lost or corrupted. Attempts for destroying digital evidence are overcome. The student is introduced to the related operating systems, cryptology and strategies relating to firewall.

The field is rapidly emerging and ideal for career hunters who are seeking positions such as Counterintelligence Analyst, IT Investigator, Security Network Analyst or Computer Forensics Specialists among others.  

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