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Salon Management

Behind every successful beauty salon is a qualified salon manager who knows how to strike a balance between keeping employees happy, while ensuring a pleasurable experience for customers that will encourage repeat business.

In addition to keeping employees and clientele happy, salon managers must make sure the salon is clean, organized and staffed with competent, friendly employees. Salon managers also typically are trained cosmetologists who can perform duties such as hair cutting and styling, waxing and skincare treatments. They also are responsible for the business management of a salon, which includes setting and balancing a budget, overseeing payroll, staff hiring and firing and inventory maintenance.

Because client satisfaction is the number-one priority of any salon manager, good communication and conflict management skills are a must. A close second to the happiness of the clientele is salon upkeep. Customers are not impressed by dirty, disorganized salons, so making sure the environment is clean and running smoothly also is an important task.

Salon managers often work their way up through the ranks, earning their position after serving as a cosmetologist. Training can be obtained through the completion of a cosmetology program at a vocational or technical school. Most programs include a minimum of 500 credit hours of coursework, which includes classroom and hands-on learning. All 50 states require cosmetologists to be licensed.

While salon managers are able to work their way up through the ranks, others may find it helpful to complete a four-year degree program in order to fast-track their management career. Completing coursework focused on business principles, as well as cosmetology-related training, can open doors to management positions sooner.

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for salon managers ranges between $19,528 and $46,977 as of September 2014. Payscale reports that both location and experience affect the salary potential for salon managers.

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Articles & content by Shari Berg, Collegefinder.us.com.

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