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Permanent Make-Up

According to a study conducted by Beauty World News, the average woman will spend over half of her life wearing makeup. The same study concluded that women wear makeup, on average, for 13 hours daily and can take up to 11 minutes to apply it.

That’s a lot of applying and removing over the average woman’s lifetime. For women who wear makeup daily – and whose makeup routine is fairly consistent – permanent makeup may be just the thing.

Permanent makeup is otherwise known as a facial tattoo. While permanent makeup artists do not use the same tools and products as a regular tattoo artist, the application process is similar.

Beauty professionals who wish to work as permanent makeup artists will require more than a traditional cosmetology education. Permanent makeup artists require extensive paramedical training and should be able to use their skills to help clients enhance their facial features or cover flaws and imperfections.

There are a variety of schools offering training programs in permanent makeup application. Coursework focuses on permanent eyelash extensions, tattoo removal, medical tattooing and medical micropigmentation. Students will learn how to apply permanent markings, color and cosmetics to the face and body. As part of the curriculum, students will receive training in the use of the specialized tools of the trade, as well as the sterilization process for not only the tools being used, but also the person on which they are being used.

In addition to traditional education, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires any worker who may come in contact with blood while on the job to receive safety training in blood-borne pathogens. Some state licensing boards also will require permanent makeup artists to be CPR and first-aid certified. Some states also require permanent makeup artists to complete an apprenticeship in order to be eligible for licensing. The Board of Cosmetology for each state is able to provide complete information on the educational and licensing/certification requirements for practicing as a permanent makeup artist in that state.

Permanent makeup artists can work for spas and salons, cosmetic surgery facilities and with fashion photographers. According to Payscale.com, permanent makeup artists earn an average annual salary of $41,125.

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Articles & content by Shari Berg, Collegefinder.us.com.

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