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Laser Training

In the beauty-care industry, lasers are used for a variety of procedures designed to help clients to look and feel better. From laser hair removal to photofacials and tattoo removal, lasers are becoming a popular cosmetic tool.

Cosmetic laser technicians are trained to use lasers to perform the beauty protocols in which they frequently are applied. Their responsibilities include the evaluation of skincare concerns of clients, consulting with a medical doctor or other medical professional to develop a treatment plan and applying the laser treatment.

Laser technology is a relatively new career field. As such, education programs that provide training in the use of lasers vary. Some programs offer hands-on training that lasts only a few days, while others offer courses lasting 40-100 hours. Regardless of the course length, students should learn the basics of skin physiology and histology, skin disorders and diseases, client consultation techniques and the use and practical application of laser technology.

Because cosmetic laser technology is a new and expanding field, certification and licensing requirements vary from one state to another. The state Board of Cosmetology in each state is able to provide guidance on certification and licensing requirements for their state.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes cosmetic laser technicians as skincare professionals, listing their average hourly wage at $13.77 as of May 2012. Demand for qualified skincare specialists – including cosmetic laser technicians – is expected to increase by 40 percent by 2022.

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Articles & content by Shari Berg, Collegefinder.us.com.

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