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Film, Video & Photographic Arts

Give your artistic ability the freedom to develop to its complete potential with an online Film, Video and Photographic Arts degree program. With the rapid expansion of the entertainment and film industry, there is a growing demand for those with advanced and technical knowledge in the visual arts. Within this degree program, students are trained to utilize photography and video tools for the purpose of expressing their art through the medium of images.

The world of film, videos and photography is continuously developing new and improved methods to enhance the end result. With the amount of diversity that is present within this particular field, it is imperative for students to select a particular area of expertise in order to secure a more stable career path. The online Film, Video and Photographic Arts degree program is the starting point that assures you a career in film production, cinema studies, photography and cinematography.   

The online course in Film, Video and Photographic Arts includes training on the following:

  • Film editing
  • Film making
  • Digital photography
  • Photo editing
  • Still photography

This online Film, Video and Photographic Arts degree program teaches students about the basic understanding and handling of a camera and the utilization of the various effects. Students are also taught about different software like Photoshop as well as design and art history. This degree helps to hone the natural skills of students to provide them with the opportunity of entering the film and entertainment industry and making their own unique mark on it.

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