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Visual Communication

Visual communication essentially deals with the simplification and transmission of ideas and information through images and effective text in order to maximize effect and understanding. Several advertisers, marketing agencies and businesses require competent graphic designers who are capable of informing as well as convincing their audience with effective techniques of visual communication. With the online Visual Communications degree you can equip yourself with the qualifications necessary to become successful in this industry.

The online Visual Communications degree program focuses on many other fields within media that would provide an all-round development of various skills. You have the option of selecting the two year associate’s degree or a four year bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication. Higher degrees are however becoming mandatory for this unique industry.

The courses of the online Visual Communications degree program include the following:  

  • Photography
  • Visual and color theory
  • Graphic design
  • Visual persuasion
  • Computer graphics
  • Image analysis techniques
  • Design
  • Television
  • Copywriting
  • Package design
  • Computer illustration
  • Website design
  • Media layout
  • Advertizing
  • Animation

Graduates of the online Visual Communications degree program have the ability to develop visual content for print as well electronic media, advertizing and other businesses.Bottom of Form

Browse through the list of online Visual Communications degree programs mentioned below and request for additional information today. The applicable college or university will support you in making the right choices to enhance your career. Different universities and colleges have different curriculums. Some research is advised in order to focus on a university or college which has courses that would suit your particular interests.

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