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Interior Design

Homeowners today are increasingly resorting to hiring interior designers in order to update the look of their homes to more contemporary styles. Offices are also undergoing redesigning at the hands of competent interior designers who are modernizing office spaces to keep up with the times.

The online Interior Design degree is the most suitable for those individuals with a great feel for the best utilization of space and an eye to visualize the possibilities of an empty surrounding. Those with impeccable taste, artistic abilities and great imaginations would greatly benefit from the online Interior Design degree program.

The online Interior Design degree programs help students to create a stable base on which they can develop their talents and skills which are requirements to succeed in this industry. The course for this degree program includes the following topics:

  • Basic design principles
  • Color
  • Drawing
  • Drafting
  • Interior Construction
  • Safety and Building Codes
  • Space planning
  • Detailing
  • Computer-aided design
  • Ethics and collaboration techniques
  • Historical angle of interior design
  • Industry business practices

The graduates of online Interior Design degree programs can start off their careers as sales representatives, space planners, set designers, facilities managers as well as design assistants in various architectural and interior design firms. Students will develop the ability to represent the most contemporary designs with an artistic edge to their work.

Browse through the list of online Interior Design degree programs mentioned below and request for additional information from one of our renowned colleges or universities today. The relevant college of university will revert with assistance to help you make the most suitable choices for your career.

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