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An image has the ability to portray more details than words could ever describe. Technology has taken the concept of imagery a step further by developing moving images through the wonderful world of animation. Animation does not necessarily mean only cartoons. There are various representations of animation found all around us such as highway billboards and even on handheld mobile devices.

The online degree in Animation will teach you to utilize your learned skills for the purpose of CD-ROM production, flight and migration patterns, interior designing and illustration of body processes as well as architecture.

The career prospects in animation are endless. Your area of interest could lie in 2D animation which uses frame-by-frame depictions by hand, 3D animation which uses different forms of software. Stop-motion animation which utilizes clay or puppets for the purpose of animation is also an interesting field within the animation industry.

The course for the online Animation degree program includes the following depending the course that is chosen:

  • 3D Animation
  • Special Effects
  • Best practices of rendering techniques as well as life drawings
  • Application of audio and video production techniques
  • Standard tools and packages (SoftImage, Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, 3 D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe AfterEffects and many others)

Because of the increasing demand for animation in the corporate world, emphasis is also laid on business law, business building as well as e-business models in the online Animation degree programs. Other disciplines that are focused on include psychology, physics and laws of human motion.

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